Payment Integration

Stripe Direct Debit ( SEPA)

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Stripe payments is now offering direct debit payment processing.  This is especially useful for subscriptions, utility billing and Corporate Billing environments. Up till now Direct Debit integration onto a website was a large piece of technical work as no-one was offering the flows on the processor end. Websites had to develop these flows. Now Stripe

Global Payments Ireland

By | 2020-01-17T08:54:46+00:00 January 17th, 2020|Payment Integration|

We integrate Global Payments systems onto most e-commerce platforms for our Irish customers. We are accredited Global Payments integrators. We can manage multiple currencies, and multiple accounts from the one or many e-commerce platforms. Because we are installing so many Global Payment integrations, we are up to speed with the latest developments and functions of

Braintree Payment Integrations

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We provide braintree payment integrations to the following ecommerce platforms. opencart magento woocommerce prestashop virtuemart oscommerce zencart cubecart cs-cart We also provide bespoke integrations, so if you have a bespoke platform that takes payments we can integrate Braintree payments for you.   Call our integration team today on +35315242100

Paypal Payments

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We integrate Paypal payments to all opensource platforms. Opencart, OsCommerce, Zencart, Magento, Prestashop, Virtuemart, WooCommerce, Hikashop and bespoke PHP platforms. We support the following Paypal payment methods. Subscription payments One off payments Invoice Payments Multi-Currency Mobile Payments Staged payments or Lay-away Payment on Collection ( ebay ) Escrow ( ebay ) Paypal often proves to

NetPay Ireland

By | 2014-04-11T14:52:13+00:00 April 11th, 2014|Payment Integration|

We offer NetPay integrations to the following shopping carts. Opencart Magento Oscommerce Zencart VirtueMart WooCommerce Netpay allows for the following payment types.  Subscription billing Recurring payments of different amounts Card holder not present billing Netpay does require you to have a merchant credit card account in place.      

Authipay Payments

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Authipay integrations now available for   Authipay for prestashop Authipay for magento Authipay for oscommerce Authipay for opencart Authipay for zencart Authipay for virtuemart Authipay for hikashop Authipay for any php application Authipay is a merchant credit card account and a credit card processor all in one. It is the first of its kind in Ireland and works the same as the

Payment Integration

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Payment integrations we provide for our online customers. All payment processors demand different rates of commission and charges. The payment processor chosen depends on; the volume of sales, value of each transaction, the territory where the sales are coming from, the product being sold, the consumers payment preference. Realex Worldpay WorldnetTPS PayPal Authorize 2Checkout AuthiPay

WorldNet TPS Ireland

By | 2022-04-05T13:35:53+00:00 January 28th, 2009|Payment Integration|

WorldNet TPS Payment integration service.We provide a full integration service with WorldNetTPS payment services to your new or existing online ecommerce web site.WorldNet TPS provide a service to those with existing merchant credit card accounts who want to link these to their online store. They also provide merchant services at competitive rates. There is a

Realex 3D-Secure for osCommerce

By | 2007-04-25T17:55:43+00:00 April 25th, 2007|Payment Integration|

We now provide Realex 3D-Secure credit card payments for osCommerce. This payment method reduces the risk of charge backs to the client. Once the card that is being used for chip and pin online is enrolled, the customer will be asked to enter their pin number during the transaction.Previously, card authorisation only determined if there were

3D-Secure E-Commerce Ireland

By | 2007-01-12T18:04:48+00:00 January 12th, 2007|Payment Integration|

It has come to our notice that Irish Merchant Credit card account Providers and WorldPay are no longer honouring charge backs on e-commerce transactions that are not 3D-Secure.3D-Secure is the equivalent of Chip and Pin for online traders. It requires the shopper to register with their bank to use their card online. This will eliminate

Merchant Credit Card Account

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Do I need a Merchant Credit Card Account to operate my online store? There are 2 options 1. Accept payments using a online purse, Paypal, WorldPay, ChronoPay, SecPay and P2P. 2. If you require funds to go straight into your bank account you need to acquire a merchant credit card account. If you are using

osCommerce Realex Payments

By | 2006-09-28T11:22:09+00:00 September 28th, 2006|Payment Integration|

osCommerce integration of Realex Payments into your new or existing osCommerce installations, moves your e-commerce into the next generation payment system for Ireland. Advantages: Lose fewer shoppers at the checkout Use 3D-Secure on credit card transactions eliminating charge backs on your account for fraudulent transactions Shopping process takes 3 steps less than with 3rd party

Worldpay Integration Ireland

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We provide WorldPay integrations to e-commerce products. We manage online only.WorldPay is suitable for e-tailers starting out in low risk goods where they do not envisage a transaction rate of more than 50 transactions per month.WorldPay acts as the merchant credit card account so the yearly charge covers this. WorldPay also offer a secure off-site payment

Realex Integrations Ireland

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We integrate Realex payment systems onto most e-commerce platforms for our Irish customers.We are accredited Realex payment integrators. Quote 114 when you are applying for a Realex account and we will give you a 50 Euro discount on your installation.We can manage multiple currencies, and multiple accounts from the one or many e-commerce platforms. Because