Retirement of 3D Secure Version 1

Retirement of3D Secure Version 1

Tthe card schemes will retire 3D Secure Version 1 (3DS1) globally in October this year.

Benefits of 3D Secure Version 2 over Version 1

Greater acceptance performance.Reduced friction with the introduction of frictionless authentication.Mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) support in addition to browser authentication.A safer customer experience with stronger authentication methods, including Out of Band and biometrics.Use our API to request a 3D Secure challenge, or frictionless authentication.Support for SCA exemptions.

With 3DS v.1, previously Visa and Mastercard offered a liability shift where a check was done to see if the customer was enrolled, and, if the customer was not enrolled, the payment could continue without issue and a liability shift was provided.

3DS v.1 is being discontinued in October 2022, meaning Visa and Mastercard have made some changes to the rules around liability shifts for chargeback protection. This means that if a customer’s card is not enrolled for either 3DS v.2, or 3DS v.1, then you don’t have chargeback protection.

Enrolment status Status Action
Cardholder enrolled Y​​​​​ Redirect the cardholder to the supplied ACS URL
Cardholder not enrolled N Do not proceed with the transaction
Unable to verify enrollment U or Blank Do not proceed with the transaction

Liability shifts still exist on 3DS v.1 for Authentication Successful and Authentication Acknowledged until October 2022.

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