How to setup Irish Vat on Oscommerce

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    SETUP OF TAX ZONES    Follow the Location / Taxes link, and then Tax Zones       1. Click the insert button and add the first Zone as below:              Zone Name: ROW              Description: Rest of the World       2. Then click the insert button again, to save.       3. Click the insert button again to add the second Zone

What are you selling

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You can sell online sucessfully the following. servicessubscriptionscoursesonline bookinghard productsdownloadable product These selling experiences are all very suitable for selling  online and have been proven to work sucessfully.  

WorldNet TPS Ireland

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WorldNet TPS Payment integration service.We provide a full integration service with WorldNetTPS payment services to your new or existing online ecommerce web site.WorldNet TPS provide a service to those with existing merchant credit card accounts who want to link these to their online store. They also provide merchant services at competitive rates. There is a

Ecommerce Dublin

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Ecommerce Dublin We specialise in online shops for SME's. We have ecommerce applications that will interface with your account packages allowing you to have a single data-entry for online sales. This is suitable for wholesales and large volume sellers. 

ZenCart Ireland

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ZenCart Ireland, providing a full support and modification service. One of the most popular opensource ecommerce products in use for Irish Ecommerce sites. zenCart started its life as a fork of oscommerce and brought a seperated template and design that was not present in oscommerce. Most customers remain with zencart becuase of its naturally good

Magento Realex Payments

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Magento Realex Payments are provided by Willows Consulting. Accept all major credit cards to your existing merchant credit card account. We will guide you through a complete integration from application to test to live and even to monitoring your site for you. You can start your sign up to realex now.

Magento Ireland

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Magento Ireland, we support and install magento ecommerce for Irish and UK sites. We provide add-ons, upgrades and payment integrations . Magento is mature complex opensource ecommerce product built to grow with your business. Magento services provided : Magento design and build Installation and configuration Custom payment installation Bespoke addons Link Magento to accounts systems,

B2B E commerce

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We specialise in the developement of complex high volume B2B ecommerce stores in Ireland, UK and US. B2B ecommerce is growing and becoming vital to the operation of a businesses. Wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers and online service providers are developing b2b ecommerce because its a way to cut dispatch times by 24 hours, keep their customers

Realex 3D-Secure for osCommerce

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We now provide Realex 3D-Secure credit card payments for osCommerce. This payment method reduces the risk of charge backs to the client. Once the card that is being used for chip and pin online is enrolled, the customer will be asked to enter their pin number during the transaction.Previously, card authorisation only determined if there were

3D-Secure E-Commerce Ireland

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It has come to our notice that Irish Merchant Credit card account Providers and WorldPay are no longer honouring charge backs on e-commerce transactions that are not 3D-Secure.3D-Secure is the equivalent of Chip and Pin for online traders. It requires the shopper to register with their bank to use their card online. This will eliminate

Merchant Credit Card Account

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Do I need a Merchant Credit Card Account to operate my online store? There are 2 options 1. Accept payments using a online purse, Paypal, WorldPay, ChronoPay, SecPay and P2P. 2. If you require funds to go straight into your bank account you need to acquire a merchant credit card account. If you are using

osCommerce Training Course

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Our osCommerce course covers the following topics:AdministrationConfigurationTax setupCategory adminStock update and setupBulk Stock InsertionCustomer adminOrder ProcessingTemplate ManagingBanner Ad AdminSeach Engine optimisation of your product pagesAvailable addons to improve your shopWe provide a 1/2 day, one-to-one training course at your location, using your osCommerce installation.

VirtueMart Ireland

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VirtueMart is an e-commerce Shopping Cart product that we install and integrate for our Clients. This is a full-featured shopping cart with a complete set of features that will satisfy most standard e-commerce applications.  VirtueMart is a component of Joomla.Full list of features:

osCommerce Realex Payments

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osCommerce integration of Realex Payments into your new or existing osCommerce installations, moves your e-commerce into the next generation payment system for Ireland. Advantages: Lose fewer shoppers at the checkout Use 3D-Secure on credit card transactions eliminating charge backs on your account for fraudulent transactions Shopping process takes 3 steps less than with 3rd party

Worldpay Integration Ireland

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We provide WorldPay integrations to e-commerce products. We manage online only.WorldPay is suitable for e-tailers starting out in low risk goods where they do not envisage a transaction rate of more than 50 transactions per month.WorldPay acts as the merchant credit card account so the yearly charge covers this. WorldPay also offer a secure off-site payment

Realex Integrations Ireland

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We integrate Realex payment systems onto most e-commerce platforms for our Irish customers.We are accredited Realex payment integrators. Quote 114 when you are applying for a Realex account and we will give you a 50 Euro discount on your installation.We can manage multiple currencies, and multiple accounts from the one or many e-commerce platforms. Because

How to go about setting up an online shop in Ireland

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When setting up an online store it is important to a firm who has a proven ability to design, develop and deliver a profitable online presence. Our team has the unique mix of engineers who have worked in retail too. Select the product you want to sell. Examine closely what competitors are offering. Source your

Link Sage50 and Sage200 to Ecommerce

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link sage50 sage200 to ecommerce Link Sage to Ecommerce Sage50/200 ecommerce integration solution that allows you to integrate your e-commerce web site with your sage accounting software.  Everything from 1 hour setup for a standard sage50 to  custom integrations to fit your business. These integrations are especially effective for b2b ecommerce. Integrating Sage

mambo phpShop ireland

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PhpShop. This protuct is also known as VirtueMart ( joomla version ) and mambo-phpShopthis is an ecommerce product that integrates seemlessly with mambo and joomla content amnagement systems which we sell.This product has all the bells and whistles of other ecommerce applications and can integrate with your existing site be it static or one of

Actinic Ireland

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Actinic this is a UK based and developed ecommerce system. The application resides on your desktop and it generates pages that are exported across to your sites. This technology allows you to create search engine friendly sites. Compatible with Sage Accounting solutions   Adds compatibility with Sage Line 50 v10. Integrates Actinic Business / Developer

E-Commerce Products

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E-Commerce Products Integration, Customization, Supply and Support.   We provide and customise the widest range of e-commerce products on the Irish market. We support, install and design for all open-source ecommerce products. We create payment integrations plugins, add-ons, components, contributions, and custom additions for all ecommerce bundles.